Shouldn't forget that hetero male culture is obsessed with girls as sex objects! Whether actual barely legal women, deaging older women (idea of removing all body hair including pubic, obsession keeping women's face and body young), or just out and out sexualizing teenage girls all the time. » 4/17/14 9:09pm Yesterday 9:09pm

I'm sure a lot of journalists and headline writers decided to go with the "females with penises" line because they thought it was a funny play on the phrase "chicks with dicks." Or they simply thought it was inherently funny to say that females of any species might have penises. Everybody loves a dick joke, right?

» 4/17/14 5:32pm Yesterday 5:32pm

Ah made me think of Women on Waves that I heard about on NPR recently. They sail a ship to a country where abortion is illegal and pick up women needing abortions and they give the women early term abortions outside of the country's territorial waters. Don't think they have cool giant ships though. » 4/17/14 4:06pm Yesterday 4:06pm